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General information about our introvert types

Our understanding of Introversion and Extraversion is informed by Jungian psychology although before this, predictable patterns in human behaviour have been noted and used in a helpful way for good for many generations. Extraversion and Introversion in this context relate to the processes by which we charge our mental batteries.

According to Jung, Extraverts are stimulus hungry, constantly seeking interaction, active experiences and change in order to be energised. They literally need energy from the world beyond themselves; a bit like a solar panel absorbing energy from the environment in order to recharge their own batteries. It can also be an ongoing process.

Introverts on the other hand are focused on, and sustained by, the rich world of thoughts, ideas and personal reflection.  So, for the Introvert, experiences and ideas are satisfying in and of themselves, so peaceful, calm energy comes from their internal world.  This is more like noting that the ‘low battery’ warning light has come on and powering down whilst plugging yourself into a socket in the corner of the room.  For introverts, batteries are unpredictable.  They are drained at different rates by different things and when that warning light comes on, powering down in inevitable, wherever you are.  This is one of the things that extraverts find confusing.

Both Introversion and Extraversion available to us and indeed necessary for healthy functioning. And yet we have a preference in much the same way as we do for left or right handedness.  Try crossing your arms, look down and see which arm is on top.  Uncross them and now try to cross them the other way.  You probably found that more awkward but doable!  This is preference.  It is the manifestation of these preferences that can be the cause of misunderstanding, tension and even conflict.

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